Pheasant Tower Hunts

Welcome to the Finest Pheasant Hunt in North Carolina!

Based upon the old English driven pheasant hunts, this style of hunting allows a new venue for those interested in doing a bird hunt. When you're looking for something new and fun, try one of these. We typically shoot pheasants, but sometimes we may throw in a special surprise. Birds are "launched" from our special tower, while hunters are positioned around the field to try their skill at these fast flying birds.

These hunts are a favorite at Allen Brothers, and an excellent hunting opportunity for the family and your large group. Come spend the day with us and enjoy the best pheasant hunting in North Carolina.

150-Bird Tower Shoot $200/hunter
Date Time
Dec 15 10:30 am
Jan 12 10:30 am
Jan 26 10:30 am
Feb 16 10:30 am

We invite you to get in touch to make reservations and for more information about our pheasant tower shoots. We look forward to speaking with you!

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